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On Call Service - Minor & Major Repairs

Please call Dan at (616) 886 - 7913 with questions and to schedule service

Specialty offerings include but not limited to:​

  • Electrical troubleshooting

  • Water pump repair

  • Hydraulic services

  • Servicing cooler and freezer forklifts

  • On-site welding and fabrication

  • Scrubbers and floor cleaners

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

  • No travel charge for P.M. Services

  • Full maintenance available with new forklift sale

  • Flat fee for service and parts option

  • Flat fee for service and parts fee separate option

Full Maintenance Programs

Full Maintenance is a fleet management program designed to be the ultimate in cost control for our customers.  We evaluate your site, determine the proper planned maintenance schedule, and make all follow-up and breakdown repairs.  Our customers simply pay a flat monthly fee and Westshore Material Handling, Inc. manages the rest.

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